About GetSafePassword

GetSafePasssword - a service for converting passwords from simple to complex with the additional parameter.

As stated in the description on the main page of the main task of the service receive secure passwords based on information that is easy to remember.

We do not recommend using very simple passwords, since the algorithm of formation of complex passwords is not confidential and, in principle, available to anyone.

The first version of the service has been implemented in PHP, but for security reasons has been altered by JavaScript. See the first option is possible here: old version.

As a simple password can be used, for example, username (email address) of a service. As a «key» desirable to use a sequence of characters, which will be only you, that is unique.


Discuss the service or to ask questions about its use can be emailed (main@getsafepassword.com) or our twitter: @GetSafePassword


Paul Johnston for the implementation of MD5 algorithm. http://pajhome.org.uk/crypt/md5/.